What Makes Us Special?

Orientation Session

Coming together is beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Orientation Session is our first introduction to parents and students. The session aims to brief the parents about VCGC as a system, as a community, as a family, as an ultimate place where dreams are realised. The conclusion of the session sees the parents ensured that their child has now reached safe hands and would emerge as a winner in the race of life.

Positive Environment

Yes We Can!

The ultimate learning in the students is much influenced by the surroundings they live in. To make learning all the more effective and long lasting, we infuse the environment with positivity; the students thus treat positivity as their companion. The lectures are always accomplished with positive learning & motivation.

Indiscriminate Teaching

Irrespective of the performance, potential and efficiency of the students, Vineet Coaching & Guidance Centre governs a disciplined and unique system of teaching; keeping in mind - every child is unique. We focus on improving every individual’s performance by putting in person attention.

Best and Stable Faculty

VCGC stands proud on a very strong pool of well-qualified, experienced, dedicated and hardworking professionals who are passionate for teaching. Their way of interacting with students creates interest in studies. The Friendly nature & Practical approach of the faculties help the students to understand the subjects with ease.

Doubt Clearing Classes (DCC)

We, at VCGC cater the children with utmost careand concern to clear their doubts, they come across while studying the subjects. The DCC is meant for bringing the children into comfort zone of their learning process. This ensures a result oriented teaching program so that all the doubts of the children can get cleared.

This cell is very helpful for the students who are introverts or hesitant in asking their problems in classroom in front of all the students andit also helps in covering up the syllabus of absentees.

Parent–Teacher-Student Meeting

Having taken prior appointment, the Parents at VCGC may have an interaction session with the teachers regularly to discuss the progress of their wards pertaining to their academics. The faculty members in these meetings, treat the students psychologically and counsel them amiably so that their hesitation can be removed and they can be motivated to excel in academics .

Before this meeting teachers make the report of each and every student to discuss with the parents about their ward’s progress about issues like at what level they are progressing and in which particular subjects they need more intensive care from the teacher’s end and any other that might crop up.

Tours & Excursions

We, at VCGC not only provide good facilities to students, but also ensure that every VCGC student gets proper knowledge about each and every topic or subject. In this regard, we take the privilege to organize educational tours for students to expose them to what they study, practically and more briefly, whichlies in the domains of their learning.

In these educational tours students get to know their subjects more vividly as these tours are very informative, interesting and innovative for the children.

Daily Practice Papers (DPP)

VCGC ensures that daily practice papers help the children to scrutinizetheir preparation level in the most effective manner so that they can work on the areas of their weakness before the final performance. It is an ideal routine that allows them to check their level of readiness for the examination of all applicable subjects.

Study Materials

One of the salient features of VCGC, is its well managed and quality based study material. This study material covers well prepared notes equipped with properly organized bullet points and core ideas, practicing exercises and very useful content related to board as well ascompetitive exams. The study material of VCGC is so accurate that the students can crack all kind of competitive exams. Our study material helps the students to clear their doubts in the related topics and also helps them in providing a strong foundation for their further studies.

Student Performance Analysis

All the details of the projects and details of students’ attendance and marks percentages are added by VCGC. The student performance analysis system provides an easy access to students in searching the details of theprojects, academics, attendance report, and marks / percentage details with their graphs.

Micro Monitoring System -

Micro –monitoring as a way of keeping focus with micro – monitoring on the students by the teachers, VCGC ensures that each and every student should be monitored very carefully so that he/she gets to know about his/her progress and the loop holes as well. Teachers’ follow up and time provided by them creates a sense of importance and urgency of every individual student and growth opportunities for allthe students.

Reward & Support


VCGC is the only institute that ensures their students should be motivated every time, to do their best as well as institute also gives special care to their teachers as well.Award ceremonies at VCGC boost both students and teachers moraleby honoring them withawards,certificates,etc.,which score good in their future.

Motivational Seminars & Career Counselling

At VCGC, motivational seminars and trainings workshops are conducted for students which help them learn how to find healthy, meaningful connections and improve them many domains.In seminars, participants learn to overcome their lack of motivation and stress and also improve their self and time – management. Career counseling at VCGC is the process where we guide students what they should go for and also we arrange their counseling with the best counselors to understand their problems briefly.

Student Oriented System

VCGC has proven track record and acts as a motivating force for students.Each and every student is considered as an important asset to the institution and we prepare them for life by developing in them - an analytical mind, the right attitude and a spirit of goodness backed by academic excellence.

Smart & Advanced Features

Library Facilities

VCGC has a library, which is a galaxy of books on all genres benefiting the children to delve deep into the subjects with the help of the books issued from the library. The students have a direct access to the library to the books / reference books issued so that they can better understand the subjects.

Smart Classes

VCGC is an institute well equipped with smart classrooms which are ed- tech upgradedclassrooms that enhances the teaching and learning process for both the teachers and the taught by inculcating audio , video , animations , images , multimedia etc. This increases engagement factors among the children and leads to better – performing students.

Computer Based Testing –

Computer based testing also known as CBT TEST ensures assessments with computers as an alternative to using the pen and paper method. These assessments are conducted online using the internet and computer aided facility. VCGC applies this method tending to benefit JEE/ NEET aspirants, who want to have a practice of multiple questions for their upcoming competitive exams.

Digital Attendance

VCGC puts its best efforts on securing parents about the safety & security of their wards. We update the parents with an attendance app. In case, any student is absent on a particular day, this app has a special feature that the absentee’s parents get an immediate message from VCGC, reminding them of their ward’s absenteeism.


VCGC always ensures that all the students should maintain discipline and decorum at and outside the institute, so that institute can induce presentation skills, which helps them to be in proper uniforms and follow the rules of the coaching centre so that no student at the institute can present a demarcation of the class or category.


In the present scenario, when Digital India Campaign is its full swing, all the parents access a system through its website and Website facility at VCGC connects with students and parents easily. It furnishes the information regarding their course, faculty etc. The website also helps them with new updates time to time.


VCGC ensures that parents get the right and proper information about their wards regarding all aspects whether it is about their presence in the classroom or about their progress report. VCGC also connects with the parents on daily basis through its SMS Alert service.


VCGC is the only institute where personal care of students is taken. Institute ensures that they get good surroundings with all the facilities like AC classrooms; every classroom in VCGC has AIR conditioner facility with clean and healthy environment which provides a favorable environment to the students for their better learning outcomes


The VCGC students can avail the transport facility provided by the institute so that the students hailing from the remote areas and far off routes may avoid facing problems in commutation. Transportation facility in VCGC is having third party transport, the students from far distant and from off regions, are picked and dropped at door step by our fully AC transport facility .


VCGC takes special care of all students. It is one of our main concerns that there should be proper electricity as we have AC classrooms and students should not bother for anything. We have invertors and generators for our power back up service.


The institute has installed CCTV cameras at VCGC campus to monitor smooth functioning of the system. Students’ activities are monitored by CCTV surveillance. The discipline and environment at VCGC keeps the students away from any unsocial activity.

VCGC considers the health and hygiene of all the students as one of the chief concerns of the institute; therefore, we, at VCGC provide RO WATER facilities, and maintain healthy and clean environmental conditions for our students’ comfort.