Journey So Far…

VCGC founded in 2008, is the outcome of the passion and vision of a youngter, Mr. Vineet Sharma, a post-graduate in Mathematics.Having been a sincere and dedicated student himself, he well understands the sweat and toil that goes into the success of students. He wanted to make learning a joy for students. This idea was theseed that germinated into this venture of his-VCGC yes-VCGC, which has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2008 to becoming a brandname-the VCGC in Coaching and Guidance for students in Aligarh.

Initially, VCGC mainly aimed at coaching for foundation courses for school students to ease their rigours and help them glide towards their goals in academic achievements. In this journey of the realisation of our vision, we saw the horizons widen.From being confined to a mere centre of tuition, we started taking strides towards something more holistic, something that would impact the students’ personalities-we made a positive change in the way students think about their problems. The basic fundamental was-we inculcated in them the discipline of working hard regularly as contrasted to the general practice of working infits and starts just towards exams. We were able to instil confidence in them that if they did their work (i.e. regular hard work) we were sure to do ours (guide them) and together we can and will achieve anything and everything. Walk the straight path, without being distracted and you can reach your goal, it is just there, right before your eyes, wasting for the grabs.
This mutual faith filled the entire ambience with positive vibes-hope and joy, fun and learning, dedication and success. Success achieved through continuous hardwork, deep and thorough insights throughout the session spruced up with smart tips for exams leads them on to avenues unconquered and landmarks unheard of.
This led us on to another mission providing coaching classes for JEE and NEET for students of classes XI and XII. Then, having achieved roaring success for a decade of our Main Branch in Ramghat Road, region, we launched VCGC City Branch at Agra Road, in 2018 to make it convenient for students of that area to avail of our coaching and guidance. To add to all this, are our results of our coaching for NTSE/Olympiads/AMU Entrance exams. Our thumping success in these fields have added feathers after feathers to our cap.
We make our protege dream and give them wings of mission and ambition to soar high with their dreams. We teach them to seek perfection in every thought, word and action by emulation. When they strive to chisel PERFECTION with the chisel of ACTION, they achieve milestones of EXCELLENCE, every now and then.
We, at VCGC, aim the for sky-and thank God, the sky is limitless and we keep bettering with each passing day, to live up to the expectations and faith the Aligarhians repose in us.
Last but not the least-through our concerted and humble efforts, we hope to contribute our best in the mammoth task of nation-buildingwhichis forever growing in fields. We wish to make a positive difference in this field,by honing our student’s talents and by making themrealize the value of values. We hope to shape them into contented happy individuals, conscientious Indians and humane citizens of the world making the society a much better place to live in.