Message from Director

Dear Student ,
You are going through the most crucial phase of your life, the next few years will shape your future. Every parent loves his child and wishes to provide him the best education to enable him to utilize his fullest potential.
We at VCGC “Vineet Coaching & Guidance Centre” believe in providing uncompromising quality. Our consistent efforts and endeavors with students have earned us the trust of the students’ community. VCGC has proven its eminence in the quality education for the last fourteen years. We have created confidence among our students to excel in any kind of competition or school level exam by resting on the pillars of excellence, innovation & commitment.

VCGC has always been a hot spot of finding, supporting and orienting young minds towards their interests according to their capabilities. Truly, these are the roots of the tree on which the success takes fruition. We believe in working as a team. We take the students as a crucial part of this team and motivate them continuously during the course. VCGC splits the word career as care throughout the year. We strongly believe, if we focus on right approach and solemn dedication, we can rightfully expect good results.
Best Regards
Vineet Sharma