Testing & Assessment System at VCGC for Classes VI to X

(A Pathway to Academic Excellence)

One of the cornerstones of VCGC's educational ethos lies in its rigorous and outcome-oriented testing and assessment system tailored for students in classes VI to X. Our multifaceted approach comprises the following key components:

  1. Weekly Test Series (WTS):
  2. Emphasizing continual improvement, our Weekly Test Series evaluates students' understanding of daily lessons throughout the academic year. Immediate feedback is provided in class, guiding students through their mistakes and motivating them for better performance in subsequent exams. Regular performance reports are shared with parents, fostering transparent communication about their child's progress.

  3. Pre-Half Yearly Exams (PHYE):
  4. Recognizing the pivotal importance of half-yearly exams, we conduct Pre-Half Yearly Exams to fortify students' preparation. These exams adhere strictly to school patterns and syllabi, ensuring students are well-prepared for the challenges ahead. Swift feedback and detailed examination copies empower students to refine their approach and gear up for the final assessment.

  5. Revision Test Series (RTS):
  6. To consolidate knowledge, our systematic Revision Test Series spans the final months of the academic year. A strategic division of the syllabus allows for comprehensive revision, with weekly tests assessing each segment. This structured approach affords students a holistic overview of the entire curriculum, and immediate results aid in addressing any areas that need further attention.

  7. Pre-Annual/Pre-Board Exams:
  8. In alignment with our commitment to thorough preparation, Pre-Annual/Pre-Board Exams serve as a final stepping stone. Conducted rigorously in line with school syllabi and patterns, these exams offer students the opportunity for a dry run before their official school exams. Results and examination copies are shared promptly, allowing students to identify areas for improvement and refine their strategies for success.

    At VCGC, our testing and assessment system is more than just a process; it's a dynamic tool designed to empower students, nurture their growth, and pave the way for academic excellence.

Rewards & Recognition: Unlocking Excellence

In the pursuit of academic excellence, VCGC believes in acknowledging the relentless efforts of its students. Hard work deserves recognition, and at our institute, we ensure that dedication is duly rewarded.
Our Internal Students Performance Scholarship Scheme stands as a testament to this commitment. Regular course students find motivation to stay focused on their studies, investing their best efforts in the tests and exams conducted throughout the academic year. To qualify for this scholarship, students must consistently maintain a score equal to or above 90 out of 100 in various internal test series.
The coveted scholarship not only recognizes their achievements but also provides them with the opportunity to continue their educational journey at VCGC in upcoming regular courses. The crowning moment of acknowledgment and celebration occurs during the annual function held on our foundation day, the 21st of January.
This scholarship scheme serves as a powerful motivator, encouraging students to strive for excellence year-round. At VCGC, we understand that every ounce of effort contributes to a brighter future, and we are proud to support our students in their quest for academic success.